Königsplatz - King's Square


The Königsplatz, located in the Maxvorstadt and belongs next to the Wittelsbacherplatz, the Karolinenplace and the Stiglmaierplatz to the ensemble of the boulevard Briennerstraße. The build was commissioned by Ludwig I and connects the Munich Residence with the Nymphenburg Palace. The Königsplatz was designed by Karl von Fischer in the style of classicism. The Acropolis of Athens is considered a model for the spatial concept of the Königsplatz, today often compared to a " Athens on the Isar ". The 200 meter long temples fulfilled even then no tangible purpose and served only as a symbol of ancient aesthetics. 

The Propyläen at the Königsplatz

Propyläen - Königsplatz München

By digital cat [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL] via Wikemedia Commons

The basic concept of the Königsplatz was later widely developed by Leo von Klenze. The architect designed the present Glytothek, whose collection of Greek and Roman sculptures remains faithful to the example of the ancient world. In addition, Leo von Klenze designed the Propylan that imitates the temple entrance to the Acropolis. Today, the Propylan is considered Munich's last preserved building in the purely classical style.

Panoramic View of the Königsplatz

Königsplatz Panorama

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During the Nazi era, the Königsplatz served as a building for the Fuhrer and the administration building of the NSDAP. The demolition was carried out as part of the denazification and subsequently restore the original state.  

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Close to the Königsplatz

Alte Pinakothek Neue Pinakothek Glyptothek Lenbachhaus Museum Brandhorst Pinakothek der Moderne Königsplatz Sankt Bonifaz


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U2 - Stop Königsplatz
Tram 27 - Stop Karolinenplatz
Bus Museumsline 100 Stop Königsplatz

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Propyläen - Königsplatz München
Königsplatz Panorama