Schloss Nymphenburg - Nymphenburg Palace


Nymphenburg Palace is one of the highlights in Munich. With its large castle park and the large avenue it served the bavarian rulers as a summer residence and is one of the largest and most beautiful royal palaces in Europe. Also it is the birthplace of the famous King Ludwig.

The Front of Nymphenburg Palace

By Richard Bartz [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons
In 1662, after 10 years of marriage, the electoral couple Ferdinand Maria and Henriette Adelaide of Savoy had their first child Max Emanuel, the heir to the throne. As a result, the prince gave the italian styled "Lust House Nymphenburg" in order. Initially, only a powerful Pavilion, it was expanded by Max Emanuel during his reign (1679-1726) to a castle with today's dimensions. When Max Emanuel, after a long stay in Paris in 1715, returned to Munich, he brought in his entourage with numerous French painters and sculptors who gave, together with local artists, the french appearance to the castle.

The Castle

In the castle there are rooms in the original baroque decoration. Others were designed in the style of the Rococo and Classicism later.
The most famous attraction is the "Gallery of Beauties" of King Ludwig I of Bavaria. The court painter Joseph Karl Stieler has perpetuated the 36 most beautiful women from all walks of Munich. Among other things, the King's mistress, dancer Lola Montez, is shown here

The castle houses four museums:

  •      Marstallmuseum (south wing)
  •      Porcelain Museum Munich (south wing)
  •      Museum of Man and Nature (north wing)
  •      Erwin von Kreibig Museum (southern castle)

The Nymphenburg Palace Park

The large park in the english style which was completed in 1823 is one of the largest and most important horticultural works of art in Germany. The park has a distinctive system of lakes and canals. Various water features give the park its charming vivacity. In addition, there are several smaller gardens such as the "Privy Garden" (Kronprinzgarten) or "The ornamental gardens" (Die Ziergärten) and various buildings such as the Badenburg, Pagodenburg, Amalienburgstrasse and see the Temple of Apollo amiong various statues. There is a nice cafe that invites you to linger in warm weather in the park.

Miss Munchen recommends

  • Via subway to the Rotkreuzplatz and walk across the large driveway avenue to the castle
  • In the Botanical Gardens, right around the corner, are many exotic plants to marvel at.
  • The Hirschgarten (beer garden) invites you to a bavarian meal and a glass of beer
  • The Castle Cafe at the Palm House in the castle park offers excellent cakes and coffee specialties


Close to Nymphenburg Palace



Schloss Nymphenburg
Schloss Nymphenburg, 80638 München

Opening Times

Schloss Nymphenburg
April - 15. October: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm 
16. October - March: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm  
daily open

Admission Charge

Total Admission "Nymphenburg"
1. April - 15. October:
regular 11,50 Euro / reduced: 9,- Euro
15. October - 31. March:
regular 8,50 Euro  / reduced 6,50 Euro 

Approach to the Nymphenburg Palace

From the central staion with the tram line 17 direct to the castle or with the S-Bahn lines S4 and S6 to Nymphenburg Palace

Map of Nymphenburg Palace

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Schloss Nymphenburg
Schloss Nymphenburg