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The BMW tower and four-cylinder has been shaping Munich's cityscape for more than 40 years now. The completion of the administration building took place in 1973 during the Olympic Summer Games 1972. The almost 100 meter high tower is located in close proximity to the Olympic Park as well as the BMW World and the BMW Museum. Since 1999, the BMW Tower is a protected monument.

BMW Tower - Four-Cylinder-Tower near the Olympic Park

BMW Vierzylinder Turm
By Guido Radig  [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDLvia Wikimedia Commons

Design and concept of the BMW tower come from the Swiss architect Karl Schwanzer. The floor plan includes four in a cross shape arranged cylinders that are connected to a cantilever hanging together. With its characteristic form, the four-cylinder creates a direct reference to the administrative purpose of the 22 story administration building. Here the clover-shaped floor plan mainly serves the purpose of barrier-free communication and optimal ways of working.

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Only a few minutes walk away are the BMW Welt and the BMW Museum.




Close to the BMW-Tower and Olympic Park

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BMW Vierzylinder-Hochhaus, Dostlerstraße, 80809 München

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BMW Hochhaus - angelehnt als Vierzylinder Turm