Eisbach surfers in English Garden


Visitors to the city should not be surprised if they encounter people with surfboards on Munich's streets: The Eisbach in the English Garden is probably the only surf spot in the middle of a city and is one of Munich's most popular tourist attractions. The "standing wave", which is located on Prinzregentenstraße near Haus der Kunst, causes great excitement. Even in the winter, the surf scene in Munich meets up under the eyes of many onlookers (see below, for example, U3 / U6).

The Eisbach and Schwabinger Bach intersect here and flow past each other. The Schwabinger Bach with its large meadows is a popular meeting spot for Munich's youth for summer bathing fun and as an evening party location.
Adventurous, popular and officially forbidden, as not entirely harmless, is the jump into the cold water of the Eisbach, in which one can drift several hundred meters to Tivolistraße. Not infrequently, tourists suspect a flashmob when several young people in bathing trunks and bikinis arrive at the tram stop to ride the tram two stops back to the beginning of the Eisbach. Sitting is prohibited with wet bathing suits! Anyone who does not stand will be asked by the conductor per announcement to get up. The entry into the creek is about 50 meters behind the first surf wave. Do not get in further up because there are under water rods made of iron. Attention: The buzz in the Eisbach is at your own risk!

Surfer in the cold Eisbach

Eisbach Surfer München Englischer Garten

The Eisbach is part of the artificial brook system of the English Garden and is considered to be the strongest one. The great water resistance of the half-meter-high stone step causing the standing wave attracts surfers in the summer and winter to the English Garden. However, the Eisbach wave enjoys international recognition. In 2010, singer Jack Johnson surfed the Esibach's wave. The Hawaiian is known for his passion for surfing.

Perfect for beginners who do not yet dare the big wave is the little wave one kilometer further. Here you can practice almost unobserved until you try the big wave.

If you would like to try out surfing with expert guidance, you can try indoorsurfing in the new Jochen Schweizer Arena in Munich.  

Waiting for the jump ...

Eisbach Surfer München Englischer Garten

To the left and right of the bank and also on the bridge, the onlookers jostle to catch a glimpse of the surfers who sometimes defy more or less skill on their boards of the wave.

Applause welcome!

Eisbach Surfer München Englischer Garten

If someone keeps it on his board for a very long time, he will be rewarded with applause!

Small refreshments nearby are available at "Miss Gruneis", a former lodge that has been converted into a kiosk cafe with organic snacks and sweet surprises. The completely gutted building is a popular Munich meeting place. If you like it more elegant, you can go to the Golden Bar at the back of Haus der Kunst.



A tip for inexperienced surfers: At the large Eisbach wave, the flow is not to be underestimated. About one kilometer behind is a smaller wave with lower resistance, which is ideal for practicing



Directions to the English Garden

Via Public transport to "Chinesischer Turm":

Bus: 54 or 154, stop "Chinesischer Turm"
Tram: Line 18, stop "Tivolistraße"
Underground: U3 or U6, get off at "Giselastraße"

Nearby the Eisbach and Eisbach Surfer in the English Garden

Haus der Kunst Bayrisches Nationalmuseum Englischer Garten Chinesischer Turm Seehaus Bayrisches Siegestor Biergarten Aumeister


Map Eisbach, Eisbach Surfer in the neighborhood of Haus der Kunst at the English Garden

Enlarge Map of the English Garden and the Eisbach Surfer in Munich.


Pictures Eisbach-Surfer at Englissh Garden in Munich

Eisbach Surfer at English Garden in Munich
Surf in the cold Eisbach in Munich
Riding the wave - Eisbach Surfer at English Garden in Munich
Waiting for the right jump - Eisbach Surfer at English Garden in Munich
Riding the wave - Eisbach Surfer at English Garden in Munich