Englischer Garten - English Garden


The English Garden has an area of 3.7km² and is one of the largest urban parks in the world. With its streams, lakes, meadows and beer gardens it is the favorite meeting place for relaxing in Munich. The English Garden is separated by the Isarring (Road) into a southern and a northern part. 

Tip: If you want to explore the English Garden in a relaxed and good company, take a look athe the guided tour wtih Mike´s and his team.  

English Garden - Schwabing Creek

Creek in the English Garden Munich


By the year 1788 the English Garden was a floodplain. It was a flood plain for the Isar River and was used by the farmers for cattle grazing. The impenetrable forest was the hunting grounds of the Bavarian prince. The name Hirschau (“deer land”) could hold on until today. The initiator of the creation of the park was the American Benjamin Thompson, later ennobled as Count Rumford of Massachusetts. Rumford introduced the potato in Bavaria, among others. The basic idea was initially a “military garden”, in which soldiers could serve in peacetime largely for themselfes. 1788, the first groundbreaking ceremony took place. Soon the idea was born to make it a popular garden in the English landscape style. 1790 marked the beginning of the construction of the popular beergarden Chinesischer Turm (Chinese Tower).


Sport and Leisure

The English Garden is a real garden for the masses. On the extensive lawns you can play volleyball or Frisbee, there are soccer grounds, there are trees for slacklining, or simply take a bath in the Eisbach (also nude). Famous are also the Eisbach surfer on a wave which directly by the bridge of the Prinzregentenstrasse (Prince Regent street). A 78 km long network of trails offers many varied opportunities for joggers, cyclists and inline skaters. It is more quiet when it comes to the Kleinhesseloher See (Kleinhesseloher Lake). While swimming in the lake is forbidden, a nice boat ride or a visit to the beautiful beer garden offer additional variety. The lake can be used for ice skating during wintertimes. Also one can go tobogganing at the hill around the Monopteros .

The northern part is more tranquil. Here many Yoga and Tai Chi groups can be seen. Near the university's riding school horse lovers will also find extensive riding trails.

Beer gardens in the English Garden

Chinese Tower English Garden Munich Beergarden

Chinesischer Turm (Chinese Tower) 

With 7000 seats it is the second largest beer garden in Munich, there are always some empty ones. In the shadow of many chestnut trees and the tower itself, many tourists and locals enjoy the sounds of the daily playing marching band. At weekends and on hot sunny days you sometimes have to wait in line at the food counter.

Seehaus (Lake house) at Kleinhesseloher See (Kleinhesseloher Lake)

With a very nice view of the lake, the predominantly chic Schwabinger audience enjoys the evening there. At the places right next to the lake all kinds of ducks can be watched hustling and bustling.


Hirschau and northern part of the English Garden

The Hirschau beer garden is more of a kiosk equipped with a large beer garden. Here the visitor will find typical Bavarian cuisine at reasonable prices. The beer garden is a bit more seperated from the tourist crowds and is therefore very popular with locals.


The Aumeister lies on the northern border of the English garden, and was formerly the Royal hunting lodge, which was built in 1810. The beer garden is very beautiful. The Steckerfisch (grilled fish) is really recommendable. Due to its somewhat remote location there are usually many empty seats available.



Chinesischer Turm (Chinese Tower)

The most famous building and landmark of the English Garden, the Chinese Tower. The 25 meter high tower was built in 1890 after a model of the Royal Kew Gardens in southwest London. On the first floor usually a brass band ensures the mood for the typicyl beer garden. In addition to the Chinese Tower is a historic carousel (Kinderkarusell) which was used in 1851 for the first time.


Rumford Schlössl (Rumford Castle)

Directly behind the Chinese Tower is the Rumford castle or Rumford house. It was built in 1791 as officers' mess in classical style and is now used as a cultural meeting point for young people.



The monopteros is a greek style temple, which was built in 1836 by Leo von Klenze. The  Monopteros probably has the best view of the park. The panoramic view over the city is impressively beautiful. Just relax and enjoy!

Monopterus Creek style Temple in the English Garden Munich

by Lux Tonerre at  Flickr.com   [CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0]

The Japanese Teahouse

The teahouse "KanShoAn" was built in 1972 for the Olympic Games together with the Japanese garden. It is a sign of German-Japanese friendship and the twinning of Sapporo and Munich.


Tivoli power plant

Anyone interested in the history of technology is right in the northern part of the English Garden, the historic power plant constructed in 1895. The back in the day very modern facility combined water and steam power. It was able to drive an electric generator, with both water turbines and steam engines. Today the landmarked plant supplies environmentally friendly electricity from the Eisbach.


Miss Munchen recommends

Golden bar
Inside of Haus der Kunst (House of Art): Bar/Restaurant with beautiful terrace overlooking the English Garden, Prinzregentenstrasse, backside to the English Garden

Milchhäusl (Bio-Organic snack & beer garden)
Königinstr. 6, right at the main entrance of the U3/U6, University Station. Equip yourself with food and chill out at the nearby lawns at Milchhäusl.

Keferstr. 12, west of the Kleinhessseloher See. For whomever the crowded English garden became too much can find some bavarian cozyness at the Osterwaldgarten.


Sights in the English Garden

Haus der Kunst - House of Art Bayrisches Nationalmuseum - Bavarian National Museum Englischer Garten- English Garden Beer garden Chinesischer Turm Beer garden Seehaus Siegestor -- Victory Gate Beergarden Aumeister Overview map of English Garden in Munich


Approach to the English Garden

Public Transport to the Chinese Tower:

Bus: 54 or 154, Stop Chinese Tower
Tram: Line 18, Stop Tivolistraße
U-Bahn: U3 or U6, Stop Giselastraße


Map English Garden

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Monopterus Creek style Temple in the English Garden Munich
Chinese Tower English Garden Munich Beergarden
Seehaus beer garden Munich
Creek in the English Garden Munich