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Andechs Monastery is, after the grace chapel in Altötting, the most visited pilgrimage church in Bavaria. In addition, the Holy Mountain Andechs is also a popular destination with tourists and locals because of its monastery brewery and the beer garden. The monastery of Andechs Abbey is built in the architectural style of Rococo, built after a design from architect Joahn Baptist Zimmerman.

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Klosterbrauerei Andechs am Ammersee
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The story goes that, in the 10th Century, earl Rasso brought a treasure of relics from the Holy Land to Andechs. The first pilgrimage to Andechs was in 1128AD. At that time the Castle Andechs was located on the Heiligenberg, which was owned by the Counts of Andechs. Otto II is regarded as the last descendant of the noble Counts of Andechs. After his death the monastery initially fell into the possession of the Wittelsbach family. In 1455 Duke Albrecht III founded the Benedictine monastery of Andechs. To this day, the family cemetery of the noble family of Wittelsbach is located near the monastery church. Since 1850, Kloster Andechs is direct priory of St. Boniface Abei in Munich.

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For hiking enthusiasts: A visit to the Andechs Monastery can be combinated with a slight hike in the Five Lakes region. Starting from S-Bahn station Herrsching takes it takes around 1 to 1.5 hours to ascent to the Heiligenberg.


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S-Bahn from munich. From Herrsching drives the bus No. 951 in the MVV-Net (Herrsching-Starnberg) plus a private busline

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Klosterbrauerei Andechs am Ammersee