Theatinerkirche - The Theatine Church of St. Cajetan


The Theatine Church in the style of the late Italian Baroque built is a catholic monastery church of Theatines and is actually called Church of St. Cajetan.

Magnificent exterior of the church

Theatiner Kirche am Odeonsplatz


Theatiner Kirche - Feldherrnhalle - Odeonsplatz

The vow of Henriette Adelheid of Savoyen

Henriette Adelaide of Savoy swore in 1659 the most beautiful church to be build if she gives birth to a crown prince. The crown prince and later Elector Max Emanuel was born in 1662 after which the construction of the church was commissioned.

The architect Agostino Barelli model of Bologna built the Theatinerkirche after the church of Sant Andrea della Valle in Rome. After disputes between Barelli and the site manager Antonio Spinelli, who himself was Theatines monk, Enrico Zuccalli took over the management and was particularly responsible for the decorative exterior design.

When the church was consecrated in 1675, it was still in construction state. Henriette Adelaide of Savoy did not live up to the completion by Giovanni Viscardi. Only at the end of the 18th Century,  the church got its final facade in the style of the Rococo after designs by Francois de Cuvilies, whose son finished the work.








Vaulted ceiling in the Theatine Church

Theatinerkirche München Deckengewölbe

Magnificent frescoes

Theatinerkirche Odeonsplatz Deckengewölbe


Theatinerkirche Stuckarbeit München

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Theatine Church / Church of St. Cajetan / Theatinerkirche
Salvatorplatz 2a, 80333 München

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Approach to the Theatine church

Public Transport
U-Bahn/S-Bahn: via Marienplatz oder Odeonsplatz

Map of the Odeonsplatz and Theatine church

Show bigger map of Theathinerkirche ( Theathine Church ) nearby the Odeonsplatz in Munich 

Theatinerkirche am Odeonsplatz
Theatiner Kirche - Feldherrnhalle - Odeonsplatz
Theatiner Kirche Odeonsplatz München
Theatiner Kirche Odeonsplatz Nachts
Theatiner Kirche am Odeonsplatz
Theatinerkirche München Deckengewölbe
Theatinerkirche Odeonsplatz Deckengewölbe
Theatinerkirche Stuckarbeit München