The Zugspitze is located in the southwest of the Upper Bavarian town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. With a height of 2962 meters above sea level, the Zugspitze is the highest mountain in Germany. Three cable cars, the Tyrolean Zuspitzbahn, the Bavarian Zugspitze Railway and the Eibseeseilbahn lead to the summit of the Zugspitze. Since 1949, the Zugspitze is a popular skiing resort for tourists as well as locals and is accessible via the two cable cars in Ehrwald and Eibsee. The ski area offers a total of 13 ski slopes with mild and moderate difficulty.

Visit Zugspitze and ride the new cablecar and enjoy the breathtaking views over the peaks of the Alps. Sit back and relax while taking a nice tour bus to the highest peak in Germany, Zugspitze. 

Zugspitze - the highest mountain of Germany

Biergarten auf der Zugspitze

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The first ascent of the Zugspitze was made in 1820 by Joseph Nau and Johann Georg Tauschl. Today, the summit of the Zugspitze can be climbed via the Höllental, Reintal or Austrian Schneekar. The ascent over the Reintal is considered the easyest of the three normal routes. The route begins in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and follows the Partnachklamm. The climb is between eight and ten hours. In close proximity to all three progression routes are numerous mountain huts. At the peak of the Zugspitze are firther places to stay, such as the Munich house on West Summit and the Wiener-Neustadt hut in the western flank. 

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Drive with the Eibseebahn on the top of Zugspitze. You´ll enjoy the spectacular view!




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Zugspitze über Eibseebahn
Am Eibsee 6, 82491 Grainau
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via Grainau - Eibsee

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Biergarten auf der Zugspitze